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My name is Malia, and I am the creator, designer, and owner of Life on Paws, LLC! I have 3 furbabies: 1 miniature Dachshund Charlie, and 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Stanley & Ghibli. Growing up, I have always LOVED animals, especially dogs. In college, I was living in Oregon, away from home, and fate brought me to Charlie (11 yrs old). Charlie was and is still my best bud! We did everything together, I even flew him back and forth between Hawaii and Oregon while I was finishing up my Bachelors of Arts degree in Business-Marketing at the University of Oregon. It used to get cold during the winter, so I would put Charlie in shirts, outfits and bandanas. Now, Charlie basically NEVER goes without some sort of accessory, and this is what lead me to start making my own accessories for my dogs.

Once I got Stanley (4 yrs old), I wanted my dogs to match accessories, because, HELLO IT’S SO CUTE! I started to use my sewing school skills that I learned when I was younger, and started to make them matching bandanas and bowties. People would come up to me saying that their accessories were so cute, and asked me where I got them. I realized that people wanted things that I was making, and I started to make things for my friends’ pets, and they would LOVE it. It brought me so much joy to see people so happy just by helping their pet look super cute in their new accessories! My husband, my main support system, urged me to do what makes me happy, and to follow my dreams. I’ve always wanted to start some sort of small business around dogs and other pets -- I started Life on Paws.

Life on Paws is a fun, sassy, but ALWAYS cute brand. All my products, designs, and fun sayings have been influenced by my dogs and my culture. I am born and raised in Hawaii, so as you scroll through my page, there is a heavy influence of Hawaiian, local and Asian themed products. I wanted to make pet accessories that make pets and owners happy, without breaking the bank! I hope you have fun browsing my site, please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for joining me on my new adventure with this business! Don’t forget to put your Life on “Paws” to smell the roses and enjoy the ride… with your pet! 

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